Weather station

Weather station

An advanced weather station that accurately measures the weather data on a spot in your field. The weather data is sent through GPRS to your own account.

  •   Current and historical weather data
  •   Has two or five sensors
  •   Detailed charts for each parameter
  •   Hourly updates
  •   Access to our application
  •   Works on solar energy
  •   Expert support

An advanced weather station with two or five sensors

Weather Station is available in two versions. Weather Station Basic has two sensors to measure weather data. Weather Station Pro has as many as five sensors, which makes it the perfect station to help you take advantage of the weather conditions.

Detailed information in our application.

The online platform provides you with detailed information of the measured data of your station. This is displayed in detailed graphs and tables that you can easily export.

Wireless weather station

The measurement data is sent wireless by the solar panel and the datalogger from the Weather Station to your account via GPRS.


Number of sensors
Relative air humidity
Rain gauge
Wind speed sensor
Wind direction sensor
UV meter
Solar panel
GPRS quad-band modem and SIM card


When purchasing the Weather Station, you will get access to our web application. There is no charge for this. You only pay a fixed annual amount for the data traffic of the SIM card.


Contact Richard if you have any questions about this product. He will be happy to speak to you.

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