Weather forecast

Play into the weather conditions

A complete overview of the 10-day weather forecast and spraying conditions of your area at a glance to optimally play into the weather conditions.


€ 100/region/year


€ 350/region/year

Customized dashboard with weather forecast

An overview in your customized dashboard on the online platform with the weather forecast of your area.

The weather conditions divided in 6 hours

The weather conditions per day divided in 6 hours. This way, you directly see the weather forecast for the coming period.

The spraying conditions are displayed from very good to very bad

A 10-day spray planner of your area that shows the spraying conditions from very good to very bad. This way, you know exactly what is the best time to do sprayings based on the weather conditions.

Radar images of the Netherlands and Europe

View the radar images of the (potential) precipitation in the Netherlands and Europe to see if there will be rainfall in the near future.

View the weather forecast on detail level

View graphs for each paramater, per hour for detailed information of the weather forecast.

List view of all parameters per hour

Choose the period and you will see a list view of all parameter per hour. You can directly export this list to Excel.


Chance of precipitation
Amount of precipitation
Minimum and maximum temperature
Wind speed
Wind direction
Relative humidity


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