TerraSen Basis

TerraSen soil moisture station

Easy to install advanced soil moisture station with a smartphone app and access to our online platform. The TerraSen provides you with detailed information about the soil moisture situation for optimal irrigation management. This way you know exactly when, where and with what amount you need to irrigate.

  •   Easy to install
  •   Measures soil moisture and temperature in 5 layers
  •   Detailed graphs for optimal irrigation management
  •   Smartphone app included
  •   Access to the online platform
  •   Works on solar energy
  •   Support by our experts

Advanced station with 5 soil moisture sensors

The TerraSen is an advanced soil moisture station that measures soil moisture and soil temperature in 5 layers of 10 cm with a total measuring range of 50 cm.

Current soil moisture situation in one overview

With the mobile application you have the measuring data of your stations in one overview. This way, you can view exactly when, where and with what amount you need to irrigate.

Detailed information on the online platform

On the online platform you can view detailed information of your stations. This is displayed in detailed graphs and a personal Dashboard.

High end rain gauge

The TerraSen Pro features a high end gauge, that's why this is the soil moisture station for optimal irrigation management.

Wireless soil moisture station

Because of the solar panel and the datalogger the measuring data of the TerraSen station are sent wireless every hour through GPRS to your account.


Measuring range
50 cm
50 cm
Number of sensors
Screw tip
Solar panel
Rain gauge
GPRS quad-band modem and SIM card


When purchasing a TerraSen, you need a subscription for Irrigation Management. This gives you acces to detailed information on the online platform and a compact overview in the Soil moisture app.


If you have questions about this product you can contact Richard. He is happy to answer you.

Richard Nijenstein

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